Ten rules of leadership

1) Know clearly what you want to achieve
2) Communicate clearly but keep communications to a minimum
3) Surround yourself with smart people, be careful who you choose
4) Respect, encourage contrary opinions
5) Never ask others to do what you yourself aren't willing to do
6) Praise in public, reprimand in private
7) Promote merit, have no tolerance for incompetence, demand accountability
8) Check emotions, remove drama or intriguing
9) Have humility to learn from everybody or everything, and learn specially from your mistakes
10) And always: true leaders credit success to the team but take sole blame for failures. Never equate what is right with your ego.

Overall: character, competence, and integrity. Without them nothing else matters.

(note: none of the above is original. i just compiled and made my own personal list. but anybody who has actually worked for a living or has experience leading an organization or simply has common sense would know or be familiar with all of it.)