DTI roadmap

Much was made about the DTI roadmap released last week. This, however, (from an article in the Inquirer) caught my eye:

"Trade Undersecretary and Board of Investments managing head Cristino Panlilio said it was not enough to set targets. All targets should be backed by hard facts and empirical data to make them attainable.

Most pronouncements made by the (National Economic and Development Authority) are qualitative. We will try to be as quantitative as possible in our analysis of how we can attain our growth targets,'he told reporters. 'We need to be sure that our assumptions are well-founded. There should be empirical data to support what we want to achieve.'"

Why do these guys sound as if they’re competing against each other? Aren’t NEDA and DTI supposed to be working on the same goals?

Ironically enough, when one looks at the DTI roadmap, the same still leaves a lot to be desired. I’ll save my comments on the roadmap for later. But for now, the roadmap still looks like any previous roadmap: full of untested, unexamined assumptions.