SC decides on the RH Law

The Supreme Court gave its decision on the RH Law yesterday (08 April 2014).

It was a big victory for the pro-RH advocates. Obviously disappointing but the ruling essentially held no surprises: the core provisions were upheld by a unanimous SC vote, allowing for government subsidization and the free distribution of contraceptives in the country, as well as sex education.

The SC definitely did not 'water down' the RH Law. For text of the decision and various separate opinions, click here
Summary of the decision can be found here.

The only portion declared unconstitutional was practically, as expected, the minor provision on health care workers on the matter of referrals, as well as on spousal consent. People still make a big deal about a non-issue: the matter of abortifacients, a non-issue because the text of the RH Law itself prohibited abortifacients.

For a rundown on the various commentaries related to this SC case, from the oral arguments leading up to the decision today, read hereMy commentary on religious freedom arguments, here.

News accounts on the decision herehere, and here

I doff my hat to the government lawyers, particularly SolGen Francis Jardeleza and Asst. SolGen (and constitutional law expert) Florin Hilbay for a well orchestrated, legally coherent, and sophisticatedly reasoned defense.

Pro-lifers definitely have their work cut out for them in the coming days, years. They have a choice: they can repeat their mistakes, go about their disorganized, unfocused, personality driven way of doing things. Or they can pull themselves together, study harder, think better, and learn to allow their best guns to go forward.