honestly ...


when our concept of beauty is reduced to something that can now be manufactured (literally making beauty to something merely skindeep);

when positions and offices are handed out to just about anyone regardless of lack of qualification or merit;

when anything - be it food, music or sex - are available on demand without need of effort and without consequences;

when information is there to be cut and pasted rather than learned;

when anybody can freely express their opinions and at the same time excuse themselves from responsibility for their comments by claiming lack of expertise or knowledge on the subject;

when people prefer listening to someone because he poses no threat to their egos rather than to one who actually knows what he's talking about;

when going to new places is for purposes of posting pictures on social media rather than gain new experiences and perspectives;

when 'first class' is reduced to a mere ticket in an airplane;

when one's word, actions, achievements carry no weight or significance;

when traditions are there to be merely ridiculed;

when (in the name of social justice) people are encouraged to break laws with impunity;

when gaining applause or acceptance in social media is more valued than working at being a better person -

honestly, is this any way for a people to live?