Of dynasties and the elite

Here a compilation of my past articles emphasizing the point that this country's main problem is the so-called old 'elite', 'de buena familias' that has incompetently, corruptly, and at times even traitorously controlled this country's business and politics. Feel free to share:

> It's the inequality, stupid!
> Tama na, sobra na, palitan na!
> Our mad, lunatic, insanity
> Of Ilustrado and the elections
> Still on the elite
> Vox populi
> Occupied Philippines
> Coffee with Jose Almonte
> The politics of excuses
> The trouble with priests
> Class war

And two somewhat technical articles on our oligarchy problem and how international trade and a good competition policy law could be of help to the country:

> Trade and human rights
> Anti-trust and corruption