The genius of women

"How does imitating the rejected model of male domination qualify as progress for women?" Asks Sonja Corbitt (author and teacher). This quite well thought out article (In Support of Men: The Genius of Women) discusses an intelligent sort of feminism. Excerpts:

"Increasingly, I lack sympathy for women who pontificate about society’s double standards regarding gender while conveniently denying that we women have created it. Women who claim the right to sex without love, marriage, or children, yet bemoan that they can’t get men to respect them, simply reap the whirlwind after sowing the wind. Haven’t we heard the 'old wives' saying, 'Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free'?

Why should men be responsible providers and work to support their families when women are determined to do it or want the government to do it? Why should men marry women who live with them and take care of them in every way outside of marriage? Why should men be responsible fathers when women seek single motherhood through fertility treatment, divorce, and custody rulings?"