Obama: one year on

Interesting article from The Economist:

"In his first 12 months in office Mr Obama has overseen the stabilising of the economy, is on the point of bringing affordable health care to virtually every American citizen, has ended the era of torture, is robustly prosecuting the war in Afghanistan while gradually disengaging from Iraq; and perhaps more precious than any of these, he has cleared away much of the cloud of hatred and fear through which so much of the world saw the United States during George Bush’s presidency."

But really, would Mr. Obama have been able to do all that if George Bush had not risked and fought that "cloud of hatred and fear"? Methinks Obama is just reaping what George Bush had worked for and sown.

One good counterpoint to the above article is Newsweek's take on Obama, particularly on terrorism: "His antiterror policies are essentially those of Bush's second term."