Interestingly enough, the French are now being pushed to learn English (see article here). I wonder what De Gaulle would have thought of that. We've seen Koreans here do it. The Japanese and the Chinese are determined about this. But really, for France's Sarkozy to to say that French students should learn English (or try being "trilingual' even) is something. Everybody seems intent in doing whatever is needed to tackle the demands of globalization.

Everybody except us, that is. The Philippines, predictably, is going the other way. I remember reading something about the analytical skills of fresh graduates going down as well. Anybody who teaches a post-graduate course or who does job interviews would probably know that. Obviously our educational system needs fixing but kids themselves would also have to have that desire to learn, as well as accept the fact that a big part of learning entails discipline and restraint on their part.

Right now, it's just increased noise and words but without coherence and substance. But what can you expect when you have a youth vote that gravitates almost without deliberation towards loquacious but substance -less rich kid Chiz Escudero or I-have-famous-parents-therefore-I-should-be-president Noynoy?

It figures.