Philippines in ITA dispute

In DS375, the United States and Japan on 28 May 2008, and Chinese Taipei on 12 June 2008, requested consultations with the European Communities and its member States with respect to their tariff treatment of certain information technology products. The three WTO Members claim that the tariff treatment the European Communities and its member States accord to certain information technology products does not respect their commitments to provide duty-free treatment for these products under the Information Technology Agreement (ITA).

The Philippines made a request to be part of the consultations. To read the documents submitted for this dispute, click here:

Communication from the Philippines

The following communication, dated 11 June 2008, from the delegation of the Philippines to the delegation of the European Communities, the delegation of the United States and to the Chairman of the Dispute Settlement Body, is circulated in accordance with Article 4.11 of the DSU.

With reference to WT/DS375/1 and pursuant to Article 4(11) of the Dispute Settlement Understanding, I have the honour to request that the Philippines be joined in the Consultations requested by the United States, with respect to the tariff treatment the EC and its member States accord to set-top boxes with a communication function, flat panel displays, "input or output units", and facsimile machines.

The Philippines has a substantial trade interest in the consultations requested by the United States. We would be grateful of being informed of the date and venue of the consultations.